London Summer

This new blog is a continuation of  a previous one (at It is an assortment of things I have discovered and enjoyed on my travels and hope that it may be of help to like-minded people with an insatiable appetite for new places, good design and inspiring landscapes. I will also include some everyday discoveries closer to home (Sydney) and some bits that lift me up everyday – recipes, design, movies…

This summer I returned to London, which was kind to me this summer, with real sunshine days where the sky didn’t cloud over as soon as I stepped out the door optimistically in shorts.

During a late night walk from Soho back home to Shoreditch we passed St Pauls and were lucky enough to witness incredible summer roses in full bloom. They looked magical under the night sky.


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One Response to London Summer

  1. Armani Nimerawi says:

    They do look magical! Such a beautiful photo.

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